Abolghassem Jamshidi

Dr. Abolghassem Jamshidi

(Non-Executive Director)

Dr. Abolghassem Jamshidi was appointed to the Board in 2014.

He is a Non-Executive Director nominated by     M/s. Industrial Development Organization of Iran (IDRO). He is also a Member of the Board Audit Committee and Board Procurement Committee.

He is a Ph.D. in Economics (The Financial System and Monetary Policy) from Tilburg University, Netherlands, and M.S. in Administrative Sciences, from Administrative Science Faculty, Tehran Iran.

Dr. Jamshidi has very rich professional experience on senior management positions in diversified fields such as trade, industries, commerce, administration, finance, education, and banking, etc. including the following:

  1. Advisor to the Minister of Industry.
  2. Advisor to the Minister of Heavy Industry.
  3. Advisor to the Minister of Roads & Transportation.
  4. Chairman & Managing Director of the Iranian Industrial Development Investment Co.
  5. Deputy of Mostazafan & Janbazan Foundation in the Execution of Independent

Industrial Projects for Job Creation as well as Training Affairs.

  1. Member of High Council as well as Plan, Project & Coordination Deputy of Nationalized Iranian Industries Organization.
  2. Deputy Minister of Industry for Economic & International Affairs (and in Charge of UNIDO Coordination Office in Iran).
  3. Chairman & Managing Director of Sepah Bank.
  4. Economic & Commercial Affairs in deputy Ministry of Industry.
  5. Chairman of Industrial Management Institute of Iran.
  6. Substitute to the Chairman of the Organization for Industrial Development & Renovation.
  7. Member of the High Council (As a Board Member) of the National Iranian Industries Organization.
  8. Deputy Minister of Commerce for Internal Trade.
  9. In Charge of the General Provincial Affairs Department of the Ministry of Commerce.
  10. Expert of Trade Studies Center.
  11. FAO Expert (Food & Agricultural Organization of U.N) & C.A.M.D. in Iran

Presently, he is serving as a Senior Advisor to the Pasargad Bank.

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