(Non-Executive Director)

Mr. Ahmad Hatami Yazd was appointed to the Board of Directors in May 2023.


He is a Non-Executive Director being a nominee of Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO). He is also a Member of the Board Audit Committee and Board Procurement Committee.


He did his Graduation from University of Lancaster, U.K in B.A. Economics & Politics combined. He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales.


Mr. Hatami Yazd has very rich professional experience working on senior management positions in diversified fields such as trade, industries, commerce, administration, oil & gas, and banking, etc. including the following:


01.      Managing Director of Urban & Rural Cooperative chain store.

02.      Vice President and Commercial Director, Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines.

03.      Chairman and Managing Director: Bank Tejarat.

04.      Managing Director, Almakaseb Gneral Trading Company Dubai, UAE, affiliated to Bank Melli Iran.

05.      General Manager Marketing, NIOC Crude Oil.

06.      Metalco Trading Company (Hinduja Group), Tehran.

07.      Vice President, Economic Affairs, IDRO.

08.      Member of the Board of Directors, Vice President Bank Industry and Mines, Tehran.

09.      Deputy Minister of Industry Economic & Commercial Affairs.

10.      Chairman and Managing Director of Bank Saderat Iran.

11.      Project Director, National Iranian Gas Export Company.

12.      Chairman of Middle East Strategies Limited.

13.      Advisor to Managing Director, Pars Oil and Gas Company.

14.      Advisor to Managing Director, Oil Industries’ Engineering and Construction.

15.      Economical Financial Advisor to Oil Pension Fund Investment Co.

16.      Advisor to Secretary of Council of Iran’s Free Trade Zone.


Other Banking Experience

§    Chairman, Bank Saderat London

§    Founding Member, Future Bank, Bahrain

§    Deutche Iranische Handles Bank, Hamburg

§    Europaeische Iranische Handles Bank, Hamburg


Other Experiences

Non Executive Director and Board Member at following state-controlled companies:


§    Iran Khodro

§    Industrial Project Management of Iran

§    Hepco: Manufacturer of heavy construction vehicles and equipment

§    Rena: Portfolio Investment group

§    Petrochemical Investment Company

§    Karoon Cement Cement Plant Project Audit Firms: Bonyad Audit Institute

§    Mofid Rahbar Audit Institute

§    Pakistan Security Papers Limited

§    Ghadir Textile Machinery (Yazd)

§    Rahbaran Javan Arman (Holding Co.)

§    Jey Oil Refining Co.

Private Companies’ Board Membership

§    Industrial Nuts & Bolts Company

§    FTZ Services Company (For Iranian Free Trade Zones)

§    Zarrin Motor Oil (Recycle Process)

§    Amin Brokers, Tehran Stock Exchange

§    Middle East Strategies; (Management Consultant)