Banknote Paper

Of all types of security paper produced by us; banknote paper incorporates the 
greatest degree of technological and quality related features.

Anti counterfeit features include:

  • Water marks
  • Security thread, embedded and windowed
  • Visible and invisible fluorescent fibers
  • Fluorescent highlights

Quality related features are designed to counteract wrinkling and other damage to paper. 

Educational Certificates

The availability of high quality color printers and scanners has made counterfeiting relatively easy.

At Security Papers Ltd., certificates produced will incorporate watermarks, security thread and other anti counterfeit features that an education institute considers necessary to combat counterfeiting

Financial Instruments

(sensitized paper)

Paper for passports and for cheques are being manufactured. Sensitized paper for cheques is designed to prevent fraud.


Other Security Papers

Such paper incorporates anti counterfeit features that are specific to the needs a particular customer.

This type of paper includes:

  • Judicial and non judicial stamp paper
  • Paper for identity cards
  • Birth certificates
  • Paper for driving licenses
  • Bond paper
  • Paper incorporating an Organization’s insignia.